Hamden, Connecticut Family Photographer | And Then We Snapped: Days 11-17

Week 2 of this month was a doozy. After last weekend’s birthday bash we all went down hard with the flu. My oldest is still fighting it. I swore I wouldn’t miss a single day this year but, alas, the flu won. But hey, 3 days with a fever and only one without a photo is pretty good! I hope your week was a lot less sickly than ours!

Day 11: Okay, so this picture is pathetic but there is a reason. I took pictures all day on Sunday while trying to fine tune my new lens. I’ve been missing focus since I got it and thought it was just me. Come to find out it is a common problem! While I was thankful to know it wasn’t just me it was frustrating to find out that┬ámy brand new, very expensive lens had problems. All that to say, I spent all day taking photos of inanimate objects and got to the end of the day and had no photos of the kids or anything else that wasn’t just┬áproving how horribly my lens was focusing. My kids pulled through for me though and were still playing their new birthday game at 10 o’clock. So, late night game playing it is. PS Bought calibration software and fixed the lens. <3

365day11Day 12: Happy 4th birthday to my Timothy!






Day 13: Timothy went down first with the flu the day after his birthday.



Day 14: The kids normally take their baths and showers together. The exception is when they are sick. I feel like when you are sick you should be allowed to bathe alone. Joshua was NOT happy that Timothy got to have a bubble bath without him.



365day14.2365day14.3Day 15: This was my first full day with the flu and I barely moved all day. The camera sat.


Day 16: I got out of bed to change the sheets. I sat on the floor and took some pictures of Joshua and Timothy playing with the feathers from my duvet.


Day 17: Saturday we were able to air out the house and dig out from under the mess we were living in. I sure hope this is completely over soon.


Thanks for taking time to look at my photos! This week I am sending you off to the awesome Ally of Allyson Wasmund Photography. She has some awesome photos to share with you this week. I especially love the black and whites!

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